‘I was lucky’: Drivers escape serious injury after metal piping falls off lorry on A41

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Several drivers were lucky to escape uninjured on the A41 this morning (Thursday) after metal piping fell from the back of a lorry.

Four vehicles were damaged after 11am at the Chesham junction heading towards Aylesbury.

The driver directly behind the lorry, who lives in Aylesbury but asked not to be named, was the first to be hit and says he was lucky not to be killed.

“All of a sudden there was black smoke and a massive bang,” he said.

“It was scary stuff and then all of a sudden there was lots of noise and I had to swerve as the wheels got hit and the steel rod went under the car.

“I was lucky, though, I tell you, because it was bouncing up and just hit the lip at the front of car and went underneath, otherwise it would have come up and gone straight through the windscreen and that would’ve been it.

“I looked around and saw it flying through the road and hit another three cars, it was manic. So, so dangerous.”