‘I may not have been good, but shooting was still fun’

UNFORTUNATELY the Olympics look to be beyond my capabilities after my poor gun skills were confirmed at a special shooting day.

But what I can say is I had fun at the Oxford Gun Company and have realised that shooting is much more than just competing.

Reporter James Perkins at a shooting day at the Oxford Gun Company

Reporter James Perkins at a shooting day at the Oxford Gun Company

Even at the beginning when I was missing everything that was thrown in front of me, I was having fun as it was always a challenge to hit the moving target.

And gradually as the day went on, my instructor Rob began to make a half decent shooter out of me.

The secret to it was somewhat bizarre – just don’t think about the shot.

‘How could this be right?’ I thought, surely concentration was key to shooting?

But no, I was wrong and what was amazing is it was the same for the other three in my group.

Murray, David and Katherine all had the same problem and we could see in each other that the best shots were those where we used our instincts.

But I think the most enjoyable part of the day was that the four of us all developed together.

There was a team unity to it and despite not knowing each other at the start of the day, there we were cheering each other on.

Apart from the final shoot-off of course, where we were pitted against each other to see who would be crowned the top marksman.

Somehow I managed to come out in second place, albeit more by luck than judgement, but it proved to be a perfect end to the day.