‘I’m wheelie happy!’ Scooter is returned

Gael is reunited with his scooter
Gael is reunited with his scooter
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LITTLE Gael Siebert has been reunited with his scooter after it was accidentally sold at a Thame charity shop last week.

It was returned to the store following an article in the Thame Gazette and mum Carine has spoken of the joy on her four-year-old son’s face when it was handed back,

She said: “We are so grateful, it is excellent that it has been returned.

“Gael was so ecstatic when he collected it, he walked into the shop and just screamed ‘where’s my scooter’ – it made him a happy chappy.”

The plea for his scooter to be returned made national news after the £50 toy was sold by accident for just £3 at the Shaw Trust charity shop in the High Street.

Gael was shopping with his mum at the time, only to return to find his scooter had gone.

But the person who bought it heard of the mistake and returned the scooter to the store.

Carrine said: “I am so grateful and would like to say thank you so much to the person who handed the scooter in.

“I don’t know who it was but I heard that the person was like me and just wanted to buy a scooter for her son.

“I felt a bit sorry for her as it wasn’t her fault and yet she still showed this gesture of goodwill.”

The charity shop is now hoping to track down the woman who bought the scooter to offer her a reward for her kindness.

Head of retail at the Shaw Trust, John Canessa, said: “It is wonderful news to hear that Gael is happy again after being reunited with his scooter.

“We are currently trying to make contact with the good Samaritan who returned the toy to offer her vouchers to use in any Shaw Trust charity shop by means of a big thank you.”

The mistake was made after charity shop workers thought the scooter was part of a delivery that arrived earlier that day.

Having made the error they put a poster up in the shop window and contacted Carrine when it had been returned.