‘I’ll never forget being left behind at nursery school’

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Photographer Nick White tackles our questions this week. The Thame man currently has his work on display at the town’s museum.

What’s your earliest memory?

Being left behind at nursery school, when a friend’s dad had forgotten he was collecting me.

Ignore what you’re doing now - if you could do any job in the world, what would it be and why?

A Spitfire display pilot. I think that must speak for itself.

If you were stuck on Death Row, what would you pick for your final meal?

An enormous plate full of hundreds and thousands, which must be eaten with chopsticks using my non-dominant hand ... and blindfolded.

And if you could write your own epitaph or come up with famous last words in advance, what would you pick?

What’s for afters?

If you could have any super power, what would it be and why?

Telepathy - I knew you were going to ask that.

How do you relax?

Walks in the countryside or a few beers by the fire pit in the garden.

If you had to give up something tomorrow, what would you find it hardest to live without?

My Pets – a three-legged cat, two dogs and eight chickens.

What’s the most important lesson that life has taught you so far?

Keep an open mind, listen to the advice of others, try new experiences and trust your own judgment.

If you could leap forward to the year 2050, what would you hope to find there?

A big fat bank balance.

Websites you use/value the most?

nickwhitephotography.com – obviously.

Have you got a favourite shop within 20 miles of Thame town centre?

No there aren’t. Shopping is not a favourite pastime of mine.

You’re taking friends out for the day, within 20 miles of Thame. What’s your recommendation and why?

Christmas Common. Good walks and a nice, cozy pub.

What’s your best kept entertainment or social life secret, or guilty pleasure?

I like to re-live part of my youth, by watching episodes of Red Dwarf late at night, whilst eating an un-healthy snack, which could be a Bombay Bad Boy or a kebab drenched in chilli sauce ... class.

What do you go out of your way to avoid?

TV soap operas.

Always leave them laughing - tell us a joke ...

What do you get when you cross and elephant with a rhinoceros? An Elifino