‘I heard it crackling in her mouth’: Dog walker recalls moment he found ‘human ear’ in St Mary’s Church graveyard

Ben Jackson-Smith with dog Kas and her owner Anna Stevens
Ben Jackson-Smith with dog Kas and her owner Anna Stevens

Ben Jackson-Smith, 21, was walking his flatmate’s Staffordshire bull terrier Kas when he became aware she was playing with something under the shrubbery.

He told The Bucks Herald: “I had let her off the lead and was throwing sticks for her, then saw she had something in her mouth.

“She dropped it and I kicked it, it was very dry and hard, I thought it was a pig’s ear.

“She grabbed it again and I took it from her and kicked it under a tree.

“Then I began to wonder if it might be a human ear, so I looked up a pig ear and a human ear on my phone and noticed it was very human.

“So I put it in a doggy bag and took it home.”

After showing the find to his flatmate Anna Stevens, the owner of the dog, Mr Jackson-Smith called the police on the non emergency line 101.

He said: “I didn’t want to waste anyone’s time, I felt disbelief.

“I don’t get cringy but I felt grossed out afterwards, although I didn’t touch it directly with my hands. I think Kas may have ingested a little bit of the skin, I heard it crackling in her mouth.

“I took a picture of the ear and stuck it on Facebook because I wanted a second opinion on what it might be.

“It must be recent, it hadn’t disintegrated.”

Mr Jackson-Smith, who made the discovery on Wednesday evening, subsequently gave a statement to the police.

He said he saw no suspicious activity and none of the graves in the churchyard had been disturbed.

Police cordoned off the area and made a search of the churchyard during yesterday (Thursday) morning.

The ear is now with the Home Office pathologist and is yet to be officially confirmed as a being human.