‘I hate programmes like the Apprentice’

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Kim Osborne takes on this week’s quick-fire questions after having her cards put on sale at the town hall.

Watch out for next week, where her sister Sam will be the one in the spotlight.

What do you wish they’d taught you at school, but didn’t?

Would love to have learnt how to fix a car, and also how to race them.

Ignore what you’re doing now - if you could do any job in the world, what would it be and why?

That answer changes all the time but right now I think I would like to be an astronaut – who wouldn’t want to go into space?

If you could pass one new law tomorrow, what would it be?

I would make it law that everyone gets taught how to drive on the motorway properly.

How do you relax?

Curling up on the sofa with my little sketch book and favourite drawing pens.

What’s your greatest fear?

The dark after watching any kind of scary film.

If you had to give up something tomorrow, what would you find it hardest to live without?

Would go crazy if I didn’t have any creative outlets.

What’s the most important lesson that life has taught you so far?

That friends and family are the most important things, oh and that learning to cook will greatly improve your life.

If you could leap forward to the year 2050, what would you expect, or hope, to find there?

I hope that I have planned properly for my impending retirement. Also would love it if I had a flying car and hope that my cat Frank is still alive.

What websites do you use the most?

It’s cheeky but I love my website www.thisisknockout.co.uk Also love looking on www.creativeboom.co.uk, and searching for great handmade things on etsy.com and folksy.co.uk

Have you got a favourite shop within 20 miles of Thame town centre?

Love the Oxfam bookshop in Thame for second hand vinyl.

You’re taking friends or family out for the day, but you can’t go more than 20 miles from Thame. What’s your recommendation?

I do voluntary design work for Thame Museum, so I would recommend popping in for a visit as it’s great, followed by a trip to some beautiful spot on the Thames for a picnic.

What’s your best kept entertainment or social life secret, or guilty pleasure?

I really love Murder She Wrote, although it’s no secret. There’s something about the soft music and the fact that Jessica Fletcher’s acquaintances are all dropping dead. She is obviously the world’s most deadly serial killer.

What do you go out of your way to avoid?

TV programmes like The Apprentice. Rude, power hungry people just creating situations where we can laugh at others.