Hypnosis offered for eating disorders

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A NEW treatment for eating disorders is now being offered by a Thame hypnotherapist.

Cognitive hypnotherapy combines cognitive behavioural therapy and hypnosis with theories based on modern neuroscience.

It uses the state of mind which every human enters into when a person ‘zones out’ – using their subconscious to complete daily tasks, like driving.

Dani Dennington of The Croft Practice in Thame said: “Conventional medical treatment for eating disorders is usually solely centred on changing the person’s behaviour with regards to food, without trying to understand what’s going on in their head.” she said.

“My approach differs in that first I want to understand the thoughts, feelings and reasons behind why they are ‘doing’ this behaviour, and then I work together with them to help change the beliefs driving their behaviours.

“I help to build their feelings of self-confidence and self-worth, until they feel ready to start making changes of their choice at a rate that they feel comfortable with.

“More and more people are now turning to cognitive hypnotherapy. It can be a very successful way of helping people deal with and begin to fight the ways in which the eating disorder and food were controlling them.”

As well as being dangerous, eating disorders are distressing both for the sufferer and for the family, friends and colleagues around them. This advice is being given in anticipation for the up coming National Eating Disorders Awareness Week, taking place from February 20, targeting issues such as binge eating and bulimia.

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