Hunt for dog that mauled pensioner

A pensioner spent six days in hospital and endured two rounds of plastic surgery after she tried to protect her beloved pet from a stray dog which savaged both her hands.

Beryl Crowther, 70, who lives in the Bowler Road area, was walking her dog Marley close to Mandeville School when the attack happened.

Beryl Crowther was attacked by a dog close to The Mandeville School while walking her dog Marley

Beryl Crowther was attacked by a dog close to The Mandeville School while walking her dog Marley

A dog walking without an owner tried to go for two year old pet Marley, who is a Jack Russell crossed with a collie and a Pomeranian, and as Beryl tried to protect him the dog launched a tirade of bites, leaving her bleeding and with tendon and bone damage in her hands.

The former lollipop lady, who is now a hospital volunteer, was left with injuries so severe that she had to spend six days in hospital and have two rounds of plastic surgery.

Police have now launched a hunt for the dog, and Mrs Crowther issued a warning to other dog owners, and members of the public.

Speaking from her son’s home where she is recuperating after the attack in Churchill Avenue, she said: “I screamed when it happened, and was really worried that both dogs would go in the road.

“At first I couldn’t see anyone around and I thought Marley was going to die.

“When I looked down I could see he was covered in blood, but when my daughter-in-law gave him a bath we found out that it was my blood.

“I don’t blame the dog though, I blame the owner.

“Where it happened is really close to the school, it was quiet when I was there because it was a Sunday but it would be a lot busier on a week day. This could have happened to a child.”

The incident only ended when a man stopped his car and got a broom out of the boot which startled the attacking dog.

And Beryl, who has missed a visit to see her five-year-old grandson who is recovering from heart surgery because of the attack, is desperate to track down the man, and a lady who took her home and helped her to call her son who took her to the hospital.

She said: “I was really shocked, but this lady told me that I should go to A&E, she offered to come with me but I said I would call my son, but she came to my house and helped me run my hands under some water - she was brilliant.

“When my son came in and looked at me I think he got a shock, my coat was covered in blood and if I hadn’t had it on there could have been much more damage further up my arms.”

In the commotion Beryl says that she did not get a good look at the dog that attacked her.

But she says that it was about the same size as Marley, and dark coloured.

Thames Valley Police confirmed this week that they have launched an investigation, in a bid to find the owners of the dog which is still at large.

A spokesman said: “We received a report of a dog having bitten a woman on May 11 in Churchill Avenue, Aylesbury.

“Officers have been making enquiries including house to house enquiries in the area, but the dog has not yet been located.”

Beryl added: “I would love to thank those people who helped, at first I didn’t think there was anyone around and I was screaming and thinking someone must be able to hear me.

“My son and daughter-in-law are looking after Marley because I am not allowed to touch him too much with my hands - but we are going to get him check out at the vets, just to check that this hasn’t affected him too.”

If you were one of the Good Samaritans who stepped in to help that morning, or you saw what happened please get in touch with Thames Valley 
Police by calling the non-emergency number 101.