Hundreds in Waterside ticket queue prove Friars Club still retains its Special spirit

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It would have to take something pretty Special for people to queue overnight for gig tickets in Aylesbury but the relaunch of the legendary Friars Club did just that.

Hundreds of people turned out to queue for hours at the Waterside Theatre to ensure they got hold of a ticket for ska band The Specials’ gig in May.

The first fans arrived at 1am with tickets only going on sale at 10am. The queue snaked right around the theatre into the car park in scenes reminiscent of when tickets went on sale for The Police gig in the 80s at Friars.

Friars founder and promoter David Stopps said: “It was bigger than I thought. It’s a fantastic response. There’s a fantastic atmosphere in the queue.”

And there was. Many people had pitched up at 8am including Aylesbury Vale District Council councillor Mike Smith.

He said: “The queue was about half way round the building when I got here. People have been talking about other Friars gigs they had been to. Friars fans are a loyal bunch. There’s a massive market for it here.”

Mr Stopps said there were some problems with processing ticket purchases quickly with only three terminals to use at the theatre.

But he added the ‘Special’ atmosphere kept people going.

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