Humpty Dumpty with robots and baffoons Blog and Twitter set to open

Adam Hurst as Baron Hardboyld and Jenny Warner as Baroness Hardboyld
Adam Hurst as Baron Hardboyld and Jenny Warner as Baroness Hardboyld

The traditional nursery rhyme humpty dumpty has been transformed into a full-length pantomime, which also features a robot and mad professor.

The show will be performed by The Thame Players, starting this weekend.

Players’ spokesman Tony Long said the story contains all the ‘characters, plot twists, jokes and business’ that theatre-goers would expect in this ‘peculiarly British form of entertainment’.

He said: “A magic travel machine will transport more characters than it should to nursery rhyme land, where a formerly rude young prince called Humpty has learnt to be polite.

“The action is interspersed with song and dance and ample opportunity for audience participation.

“Apart from Humpty himself, all the characters expected in a panto will be there - including baddies in the form of the evil Baron Hardboyld and his equally evil wife, goodies in the form of Simon Smith and Princess Ovalina and buffoons in the form of Blog and Twitter.”

The show also boasts a dame in the form of the Royal nurse. Other surprising characters include a mad professor, knights, the king and queen, a robot and a dancing bear.

Mr Long said: “Not to forget the stunning travel machine made by the professor to transport the heroes – and some of the villains – to nursery rhyme land.

“All woven together with lots of songs, dancing and mostly corny jokes. The audience can be sure of witnessing a stunning performance.”

The pantomime will be performed from Friday December 7 to Sunday 16 at the Players’ Theatre in Thame’s Nelson Street.

Evening shows start at 7.30pm and tickets are £7 and £8.

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