HS2: What else could £42 billion buy?


Following the announcement that the price-tag for HS2 has jumped to more than £42 billion, the Bucks Herald looks at what else that kind of money can buy.

Incredibly, HS2 is now worth nearly the same as the entire gross domestic product of Ecuador (£43 billion), is more than that of Croatia (£41 billion) and nearly twice Kenya’s (£22 billion).

Closer to home, the money being spent on HS2 could pay for more than 1.9 million trainee doctors for a year or nearly two million junior teachers or 2.4 million regular soldiers.

The new Aylesbury Vale Academy was given a price tag of £22 million. More than 1,900 such academies could be built for the cost of HS2.

Numerous other major UK-based projects have only cost a fraction of what the controversial line is expected to.

The Channel Tunnel would have cost around £11 billion in today’s money, while the final bill for the London 2012 Olympics came in at just under £9 billion.