HS2 walk highlights destruction

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CAMPAIGNERS marked the second anniversary of HS2’s announcement with a ‘sombre’ walk around the places the train line would cut through.

On Saturday around 70 people walked from Old Risborough Road in Stoke Mandeville to the fringes of Southcourt and Fairford Leys and onto Hartwell and Bishopstone.

Those taking part included Fairford Leys councillor Steven Lambert, who said: “The mood was quite sombre and contemplative. People were mourning the loss of natural habitats and seeing how close it was to people’s homes.

“Nobody was saying the battle has been won or lost, but that we have to keep going and keep our chins up.

“I live 300 metres from the line in Fairford Leys so I know how bad it will be there. But getting to see it where Bucks Goat Centre is and the community there which will be destroyed, it brought it home to me just how much the whole way of life will be gone.”

The walk was organised by the Aylesbury Ramblers in conjunction with Stoke Mandeville Action Group and Stop HS2.

HS2 was announced on March 11 2010.