HS2 vote today - and campaigners vow to fight on

What the HS2 train might look like
What the HS2 train might look like

Hundreds of Stop HS2 campaigners will descend on Parliament today to call on MPs to vote against the HS2 Hybrid Bill.

Campaigners are warning MPs that every one vote for the bill will mean a loss of hundreds of votes at the next general election.

And they say whatever happens, the campaign will go on with planned petitioning against the bill, and a judicial review into the non-publication of critical reports on HS2.

The Stop HS2 campaign has also vowed to make sure that the high speed rail plans become an even more toxic issue in the run up to the May 2015 general election.

Today campaigners will be demonstrating in Old Palace Yard from midday til 2pm, before going in to Parliament to meet with MPs.

Stop HS2 Campaign Manager Joe Rukin said: “Everyone knows that the case for HS2 has been fiddled, and there is no better example of this than the fact Government has refused to publish reports on the project, after the Information Commissioner said they had to be released in the public interests. The case for HS2 has kept changing: they said it would be green, but it isn’t; they have said it has a great business case, but it hasn’t; they have said it is needed for capacity, but it doesn’t provide capacity where it is needed; and they have said it will rebalance the economy and develop the North, but the opposite is true. So the question remains, what is HS2 for? The answer is as it always has been for no other reason than political vanity and strong lobbying from those with vested interests in HS2 going ahead. It seems that everyone besides the political elite knows HS2 will be a disaster, so whatever happens today, we will fight on.”