HS2 route revised in bid to provide better mitigation

A map showing the latest changes to the HS2 route between Aylesbury and Stone
A map showing the latest changes to the HS2 route between Aylesbury and Stone

planned changes to the line include digging into land outside Aylesbury and Stoke Mandeville.

The government is proposing to run trains at six-and-a-half metres below ground level to reduce the impact of the line.

A report outlining the changes states: “In general the lower alignment past Aylesbury and Stoke Mandeville would reduce noise impacts and allow the scheme to be better screened within the landscape.

“However the more extensive cuttings would generate significantly more spoil, although some would be re-used locally for landscaping, some off-line disposal is also likely to be required. Overall this revision would not impact on journey times or construction cost.”

In Wendover the report states: “The revision would see the alignment run around 50 metres further to the south west of Wendover and be lowered in the landscape, allowing the green tunnel at Ellesborough Road to be extended by around 800 metres to the north, taking it to more than three-quarters of a mile in length. That would ensure effective visual and noise screening alongside the main residential area of Wendover. The lowered alignment would allow existing road infrastructure to be reinstated and avoid any permanent road diversion connecting Ellesborough Road with the A413 near Grove Farm.”

Justine Greening also told the Commons she will introduce ‘a package of measures to reinforce confidence in properties above tunnels’.

“Homeowners will be offered before and after surveys, a thorough assessment of the impact of similar tunnels, an explanation of the measures that will be taken to prevent perceptible vibration impacts, financial compensation for the compulsory purchase of subsoil, and a legally binding promise that HS2 will be permanently responsible for resolving any related settlement or subsidence issues.”