How long will ice entombing diamond ring take to melt?

Shopper Michelle Morgan submits her entry
Shopper Michelle Morgan submits her entry

A sparkling diamond ring entombed within a block of ice will be won by a lucky shopper who correctly guesses how long it will take to become dislodged.

The ring, worth a cool £700, is up for grabs in Friars Square – and all you have to do to win it is guess the exact moment it falls off the plinth it is hanging on within the ice sculpture.

It has been donated by Solitaire independent jewellers to celebrate Valentine’s Day.

The ice sculpture near New Look has now started to melt but you can still enter the competition by filling in a form in the shopping centre.

Michelle Morgan, pictured, from Shakespeare Way, Aylesbury is getting married in August and said she would love to win the ring.