How employable are you? Students first in the UK to get a head start

An Aylesbury College student tries out the new class
An Aylesbury College student tries out the new class

Learning the skills is all well and good, but how students actually cope with work once out in the big wide world is a real concern.

Aylesbury College has become the first in the UK to introduce a new employability course into its curriculum.

The EmployabilityPlus course uses the latest digital technology to help students receive a clear career, learn advanced job skills and created a targeted CV and covering letter to help them get the job of their dreams.

Lisa Taylor, director of engagement and business development at the college, said: “We were looking for a flexible course that had a real impact on student development and learning to prepare them for the next step.

“Our students are now far more capable and confident to compete in a crowded job market.”

On the course students navigate through a series of interactive online modules and tutorials, and take part in group interactions and roleplay.

John Stapleton from Strive Innovation, which developed the scheme, said: “The beauty of the course is that it really engages each student, no matter their learning style.

“We are just here to help colleges provide their students with the best possible chance to get into work.”