Housing opponents irked by target claim

Hampden Fields action group chairman Phil Yerby points at the proposed housing site
Hampden Fields action group chairman Phil Yerby points at the proposed housing site

An inquiry into plans to build up to 10,000 homes around Aylesbury is set to go on until November after being extended.

Developers and opponents to schemes to build at Hampden Fields, Fleet Marston and Weedon Hill have been putting their cases to a planning inspector for the past month.

Much of the time so far has been spent discussing Aylesbury Vale’s housing targets and whether they are high enough given the growing population.

Opponents of the Hampden Fields scheme, which proposes building 3,000 homes between Bedgrove and Weston Turville, have been angered by the developers’ argument that the South East Plan should take priority over the Vale of Aylesbury Plan.

The South East plan was imposed by the old Labour government and stated that the council must plan for 26,000 homes in Aylesbury Vale by 2026, including 10,000 in Aylesbury. However, this plan was revoked earlier this year by local government secretary Eric Pickles. The Vale plan sets a minimum target of building 6,000 new homes by 2031 but is yet to be approved, something developers are looking to exploit.

Phil Yerby, Hampden Fields Action Group chairman, said: “It’s inconceivable that the secretary of state has revoked the South East Plan and yet the Hampden Fields barristers are still arguing that the numbers being used in that plan should still be the numbers that the inspector takes into consideration.”

The Hampden Fields Action Group is presenting its case next Tuesday (August 6).

Developers want to build 2,750 homes in Fleet Marston and 120 at Weedon Hill.

A decision is not due to be made by the planning inspector on all three applications until next year.