Hot off the apple press in Haddenham

Homemade in Haddenham starts at 10am on Saturday
Homemade in Haddenham starts at 10am on Saturday

AN event celebrating sustainability is being held in Haddenham this weekend.

Amongst the attractions is the opportunity to press your own apples for fresh juice.

Hosted by Haddenham in Transition the day will include lots of tips on how people can support themselves using renewable sources of food, clothes, crafts.

Called Homemade in Haddenham, the intention is to show how simple, easy and cheap it is to live sustainable lives.

The apple pressing is open to anyone who wants to bring their fruit along on the day.

It is advised that anyone interested remembers to bring their own containers to take the juice home with them.

The juice can be drunk fresh or used to make cider. If you need help to pick or transport your apples contact Greg and Lindsey on 01844 290331.

There are plenty of other things going on during the day including an organic pork roast, handmade bags and clothing, a bring and buy and homemade dishes.

The event takes place on Saturday at the Scout and Guide Hut from 10am until 2pm.