Hospital trust rent hikes put on hold after anger

View - Main entrance sign to Stoke Mandeville Hospital
View - Main entrance sign to Stoke Mandeville Hospital
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Rent increases planned by Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust have been put on hold following anger over the hike.

A number of people have contacted the Bucks Herald saying their rent has unexpectedly been increased from £197 to £400 just weeks after moving into their accommodation.

Janette Smith, whose daughter is starting a midwifery degree course, said: “This is causing much distress amongst all the nurses and midwives living in the accommodation as you can imagine but particularly the young girls who have just moved in and are trying to settle. It is an appalling way to treat these student nurses and midwives.”

The hospital trust says it has not increased its rent for more than five years and the costs are well below market rents. It said it is looking to bring prices in line with that of student accommodation. However, it has now agreed to delay the change after concerns were raised.

A trust spokesman said: “We have listened to their concerns and as a result we have postponed any increase of payments originally due on October 1, whilst we carry out a further review of this matter.”