Hospital trust moves to improve its investigation into Savile sex abuse scandal

Jimmy Savile
Jimmy Savile
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A new panel will be set up to look into the Jimmy Savile sex abuse scandal at Stoke Mandeville Hospital.

Bucks Healthcare NHS Trust, which is due to hold its board meeting on Wednesday, said it has begun its own internal inquiry and will now set up a panel which will use professionals from outside the trust who have experience in dealing with complex investigations.

In chief executive’s Anne Eden’s report she writes: “Rest assured, our investigations in this regard will be exhaustive and that work is already underway to get to the bottom of these shocking allegations.”

The new panel will be led by chair of the trust’s Healthcare Governance Committee, Keith Gilchrist and the intention is to meet before Christmas and agree terms of reference and a timetable for work.

Since the allegations, which now total 16, the trust has come under increasing pressure to conduct an investigation into the alleged abuse.

The meeting at Wycombe Hospital will be the first opportunity to confront trust bosses over the allegations.

The Jimmy Savile Investigation: Exposure Update, aired on Wednesday evening and discovered that as part of Surrey’s Police investigation into Savile, it interviewed the Jim’ll Fix It star at his office in the hospital in 2009.

Surrey Police said: “In 2009 Savile was interviewed under caution. There was no requirement to inform the owner of the premises. The Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust were aware of the interview and had a representative present.”

The police could not confirm who this representative who was.