Horses saved from the Dartmoor cull

Ponies saved from the Dartmoor Cull
Ponies saved from the Dartmoor Cull

A TRIO of horses were rescued from being culled in order to help children with disabilities at Long Crendon.

The Horsewyse organisation stepped in to help the Dartmoor ponies, who were due to be killed to manage numbers. They are now using them to teach social skills to troubled children.

Director Karen Smith said: “It is about using the horses as a metaphor for our behaviour if the children run around screaming the horses tend to run away, which shows they are scared and that is the same when it comes to humans so the children get to learn that people get put off by that.”

The horses they use all have troubled backgrounds as Mrs Smith believes this not only saves the animals, but they become better learning tools for the children.

She said: “It’s always good to have ponies that have a story so you can tell them what happened to the pony, it shows there’s always a home for them, even if they’re written off.

“For example, these three have been saved by us as they would have been culled.”

The idea behind the Horsewyse centre is that it allows the children to learn in a friendly environment and they can .

see exactly how the animals react to all different sorts of behaviour. It is based on the idea that the children can grow in confidence as they become accustomed to the horses.

Mrs Smith added: “Some of the children lack confidence and we are building that up by giving them chances – there is no right way with horses.”