Hole in the wall is causing leader a whole load of problems

The broken down wall in Monmouth Close
The broken down wall in Monmouth Close
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It may just be a broken wall but it is creating the wrong impression for visitors to Aylesbury, according to a politician.

UKIP leader Chris Adams said it is time for someone to fix the eyesore near McDonalds on Bicester Road after several public bodies all denied responsibility.

The broken wall on Monmouth Close is visible as you enter Aylesbury and Mr Adams believes it is not privately owned.

He added that he thinks youths have been kicking it down and that it could cause severe damage to cars parked on the other side of it.

Mr Adams said: “Everyone is passing the buck. A good number coming into Aylesbury can see it and it does not make a very good impression.

“If they gave me money I would do it as a councillor and take responsibility.”

Mr Adams added he would use some of his allowances on the wall but that he would need financial support from Aylesbury Vale District Council.