High speed route proposed to ease Aylesbury’s traffic troubles

The high speed bus route proposed by Edmund Waller, who is pictured below
The high speed bus route proposed by Edmund Waller, who is pictured below
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An architect has joined the debate on how to ease Aylesbury’s traffic woes by suggesting a new link road be built to Leighton Buzzard.

Edmund Waller believes a road running from the site of 2,450 planned homes in the Bierton area via Cheddington could ease congestion, with the possibility of the road being used as a toll road or ‘High Speed Bus Route’.

Edmund Waller

Edmund Waller

But the county council dismissed the plan, saying it would cost more than £250million.

However Mr Waller, who has experience of looking at how new roads can be plotted through the landscape, refused to be deterred, saying as time goes on more people will see the benefits of such a development.

He argued the planned A5-M1 link and the Bierton development make action necessary, and present an opportunity.

Mr Waller, of Leighton Buzzard, said: “The Bierton development has a spine road to be paid for by the developer. This road could be continued north-eastwards along the line of an abandoned railway track.

“Although the spine road of the development would attract more traffic, the connectivities of the new development would be improved, and the road could be a toll road. Alternatively, the road could be a kind of high speed bus route. Car parks would be at the major bus stops. There would be far less excuse for using the car.”

He admitted the scheme would not solve all Aylesbury’s problems, but could help issues to the east and through Wing.

Transport for Bucks said the idea was ‘not a realistic opportunity with the current budgetary constraints’.