High price of chickens is no yolk at market

Rhode Island Reds
Rhode Island Reds

THE high price paid for a trio of chickens has surprised the farming community in Thame.

The birds sold for almost £150 at Thame Market’s recent smallerholders sale recently.

A commercial point of lay pullet would normally fetch in the region of £12 each.

While the unusually high price on the chicken’s heads has raised eyebrows, there was a good reason.

Fieldsman Daniel Slade, who led the bidding, said: “They were a trio of Rhode Island Reds, pure bred going into the spring season for showing and hatching, which brings a significant premium.

“They were a very nice quality of bird.”

The birds, which were bred by David Gaydon from Banbury, were bought by Felix McDaid, a regular Thame Market supporter, who keeps poultry and cattle as a hobby.

Mr McDaid, who lives near Luton, said: “They were the best looking chickens there that day and I just wanted them.

“They’re living in the lap of luxury now, on an acre of ground with three other Rhode Island Reds that I bought at the same time, although I got the second batch much cheaper, for £40.”

The smallholders sale, which is one of four held at Thame Market throughout the year, was well attended.

In addition to poultry, pigs, alpacas, rare breed cattle, sheep and goats were also on sale. More than 200 lots of poultry were entered into the sale, and 90 per cent were sold.