High hopes for first show by rising Thame artist

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At 27, Alexis Cole Has decided to persue her dreams and try to cause a stir in the capital with her first exhibition at the prestigious Brick Lane Gallery.

The Thame-based pastel and acrylic artist is staging a show , called Transcendence, at the prestigious Brick Lane Gallery from March 20-25.
She said: “It’s my first show and exhibition of my work, its never been on show before so it’s quite exciting to see what people think of it all.

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“I would like to think my work is quite different, it evokes different moods with different colours.

“There’s two types of work which I do. The first uses pastels and they are more animals and travel-inspired with landscapes.

“I also do acrylics and painting on canvas which are more abstract, so there’s two different things to see.

“I hope there’s something for everybody.

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“When people have had a look through my work they have been able to tell me they like at least one of them.

“I have been doing art alongside my usual job working in healthcare and it has always been a hobby of mine.

“But, obviously, as I’ve kept doing more and more people have kept telling me they like it and I thought ‘I will do an exhibition and see what happens’.”

Alexis chose to exhibit in Brick Lane for its ‘reputation’ and hopes the venue will help her to attract a bigger audience.

“I thought if I was going to my first exhibition I was going to do it in London and give it a try in a big city,” she said.

For more details visit www.alexisart.co.uk