Helpline for nervous teenagers awaiting results

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With A-level exam results expected on Thursday and GCSEs the week after, ChildLine is encouraging nervous young people in Oxfordshire to give them a call and help with their anxiety.

Spokesman Sue Minto said: “Although it is the summer holidays we know that many young peoples’ minds will be on their upcoming exam results.”

“We hear from lots of young people each year who are anxious, worried or panicking about their results. We want to let them know that they are not alone and that ChildLine is here to listen to them.”

Parents, family and trusted adults can help young people who may be worrying by making space and time to ask them how they are feeling about their exam results and talking to them about their concerns.

There is also help, advice and fun things to do on the beat exam stress section of the ChildLine website -

The helpline is also available to anyone who wants to speak to a counsellor about their results on 0800 1111.