‘Helping firms to have the best possible start’

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REFLECTING the true aims of the Big Society, Fredericks Oxfordshire has awarded 10 companies funding and support since its launch just eight months ago.

Fredericks Oxfordshire is a social enterprise that helps start-up and expanding businesses that have been refused loans by the banks to access finance and support, allowing them every chance of success where previously they were looking at unemployment.

Local business people and entrepreneurs have been working hard to help Oxfordshire businesses to access funding along with a package of support and mentoring to give them the best possible start.

Fredericks provides more than just lending, it is a complete package aimed at ensuring the funding provided is effective, achieves the business aims and is ultimately repaid. The repaid loans are then recycled to continue financing more applicants.

At the launch of the firm in July 2011, David Cameron said: “We’re looking forward to seeing you lending money and getting business going, firing up the engines of the private sector.”

Eight months on, and Fredericks Oxfordshire is beginning to pay real dividends not only to the benefactors of the scheme but also local investors.

Visit www.fredericksoxfordshire.org or contact client manager, Tim King on 01865 893383.