Help needed for Bucks movie shoot

Funding of £25,000 is being sought to help finance a new film which will be shot across Buckinghamshire, including at Princes Risborough.

The money will pay the 12 cast and 20 crew members, buy equipment and fund the costs of a premiere in High Wycombe.

The story, called Stockholm Syndrome, follows a kidnapped graduate who develops an attachment to her captor.

Production company Tama Karita is appealing for donations from the public to help finance it – with supporters getting either a signed copy or a film credit depending on how much they pay. Writer and director Jennifer Drewett, 22, of Wycombe, said: “Part of the reason for doing this film is that we have something to say about the subject” – which she believes has not been tackled with ‘sensitivity or respect’ in the past.

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