Helen is a dog’s new best friend

Helen Morrell introduces a new way to diagnose injuries
Helen Morrell introduces a new way to diagnose injuries

THE way pet injuries are diagnosed in this country could be changed forever thanks to the work of a Chinnor thermographer.

Helen Morrell has been the pioneer in making thermal imagery available to every pet in the country and this new piece of equipment can even pick up a problem three weeks before the animal shows any pain.

She said: “The response we have had since we started has been so good that we want to go national later this year.

“We have had such a high amount of interest that we are struggling to meet demand.

“Because of this we are looking for more thermographers to be trained to run their own practices and take the technology further afield.”

The thermal imaging software works by gauging the temperature inside the animal, which changes when there is an inflammation.

If there is a problem then the camera is able to pick up the change in blood flow and pinpoint exactly where the injury is. The software has come across from America, where Mrs Morrell went to study last year and became the first British person to use the software.

Since returning to the UK, she has been working tirelessly to bring the technology to England and was able to launch her business this month.

Despite only starting this month, the thermal imaging technology is readily available to the pet owners of Thame and an appointment can be booked through most veterinary centres.