Heartbroken Ellie’s one Christmas wish

Caroline and Ellie Day are desperate to find beloved Ruby who went missing on November 29
Caroline and Ellie Day are desperate to find beloved Ruby who went missing on November 29

A FOUR-YEAR-OLD girl does not want any presents from Father Christmas this year ... she just wants her beloved pet dog Ruby home safe again.

Ellie Day is so upset about her missing pet , she doesn’t want to celebrate Christmas.

Ruby is a six-year-old King Charles Cavalier Spaniel who went missing while staying at a friend’s house.

Ellie’s mother, Caroline, 38, has been searching the countryside and putting up posters in a bid to track down the much-loved dog in time for Christmas.

She is now appealing for anyone who knows anything or may have picked her up to come forward.

The Days, who live in Great Haseley, believe she may have been picked up by a passer-by because she is so friendly and cute.

Caroline said: “She was at a friend’s house and we think she may have got out and tried to find her way home.

“There was a small gap under the fence. I don’t think she was stolen.”

Ruby went missing on November 29 and the Days believe it is possible she may have been found by someone.

“We talked to the police and they say no dogs have been hit by cars. She could have been found by someone on the road to Thame.

“Because she is so cute and friendly it would have been difficult to not try and help. She’s really small and may be mistaken for a puppy.

“Ellie is really upset. It’s heartbreaking. She’s saying she doesn’t want any Christmas presents and that she just wants Ruby back.

“She told me not to worry because she’s asked Father Christmas to bring her back.

“I’m devastated and don’t know what to do.”

Ruby is small and copper coloured. She had just been clipped so was not wearing a collar. She is microchipped.

If you can help in any way call 07507 563 183 or 07754 890 265.