Hear Nikki’s ‘naked’ album

Nikki Loy
Nikki Loy

Following last month’s hugely successful fifth birthday bash, the First Thursday Music Club is maintaining the momentum with a singer-songwriter.

The Nikki Loy Trio has been snapped up for the night’s much coveted 10 o’clock spot at The Stables at The James Figg pub in Thame.

Nikki is celebrating the release of her album Naked – Part 1 as the first of four solo albums that feature results of her self-imposed challenge, which is to write a new song every week for a year.

She is 30 weeks into the challenge now and writes a new song every Tuesday and then records it, videos it and uploads it by the evening.

Each of the tracks were then rehearsed and polished to make them part of this intimate but exquisite solo acoustic album showing songs in their naked forms.

Nikki will appear on Thursday, March 5 with bass guitarist Pete Sherman and drummer Phil Heard.

Another big crowd is expected and will be entertained throughout the evening by over 15 different acts from across the music genres.

Anyone can play by signing up at the venue before 7.45pm.