Fitness expert spills the beans

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A THAME fitness expert is holding a workshop to help increase people’s understanding of running and how it could best benefit them.

George Anderson, who has been teaching runners the best way to stay in shape for many years, is holding a talk at Racquets Fitness Centre on Saturday February 25.

George believes it is important people considering running as a form of exercise understand how best it can benefit them especially considering the increased participation in long distance marathons, half marathons and 5k events in recent years.

He said: “I have a lot to do with the Reading Half Marathon so that’s where I’ve always done my workshops in the past, though I usually do three or four a year in Ireland as well. Although people tend to come from all over the country to attend, I wanted to make it easier for Thame residents as I know there’s a hot running community around here,” said George.

“Enthusiasm tends to outweigh understanding, which might explain many of the injuries runners get. These workshops are designed to help runners understand the fundamentals of running faster while picking up fewer injuries.”

The workshop will be held at Racquets Fitness Centre on Saturday February 25. Register via

George runs and has been featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine. He is also BBC Radio Oxford’s fitness expert.