‘Cancer street’ fears dismissed

Stoke Mandvelle hospital
Stoke Mandvelle hospital

Fears a hospital incinerator could be behind a ‘cancer street’ have been dismissed.

In the past 30 years, 15 people living in 22 homes around Treves Green, Aylesbury, have died while another six have beaten the disease, the Daily Express has reported.

The paper said some residents blamed a disused human waste incinerator at the nearby Stoke Mandeville Hospital for the numbers.

However, the hospital trust said the incinerator has only ever been used for household waste.

A hospital spokesman said: “We have not been contacted by any local resident regarding this matter, but we are sorry to hear some have had concerns about the use of the incinerator at Stoke Mandeville Hospital and are happy to provide clarification.

“The incinerator closed in the mid-1990s.

“It had complied with all health and safety legislation requirements and was only used for household waste. Clinical waste has been safely destroyed off-site for a number of decades.

“We have no record of there being any problems when the incinerator was in use.”

Other residents quoted said asbestos in former council houses could have caused the reported cancer rates.

The Vale of Aylesbury Housing Trust, which runs six former council homes in Treves Green, said it will contact concerned residents.

It added that no residents have raised concerns regarding any link between their property and their health.

Dean Gill, the trust’s director of property and development, said: “We are of course concerned to hear that there is a suspicion that a property may be connected with a resident’s health.

“We will be contacting our residents in Treves Green individually to discuss any concerns that they have, and to arrange a property inspection if necessary.

“If these inspections show any remedial action is required, this will of course be carried out immediately.”