Bucks still going strong in old age

Patricia Birchley of Bucks County Council
Patricia Birchley of Bucks County Council
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People in Bucks are enjoying healthy and longer lives with the county ranked 13th out of 150 for the lowest mortality rates in those living to 75 and over.

The figures have been released to support the Department of Health’s new report Living Well for Longer and indicate there were 3,651 premature deaths in Bucks from 2009 through to 2011.

Health and wellbeing guru Patricia Birchley said: “It’s great to see that Bucks has such good figures for longer, healthier lives, which reflects the hard work that goes in to ensuring that our residents get the best preventive healthcare possible.

“It’s also due to the good social and economic conditions in the county.”

For both liver disease and cancer, Bucks is ranked ninth out of the 150 authorities with 91 and 10 deaths per 100,000 people respectively. The report shows how deaths can be reduced through prevention, early diagnosis and effective treatment.

There were also positive results in other areas such as heart disease and lung disease. But Mrs Birchley warned against complacency.

She added: “The big four lifestyle issues – smoking, lack of sufficient physical activity, an unhealthy diet and drinking too much alcohol – still account for a huge burden of disease and death in Bucks .

“We need to continue to make progress reducing the impact these have on our population.”