Health warnings sent out about new danger drink

WARNINGS have gone out about a dangerous new alcohol named Drop Vodka.

Following an alert issued by the Food Standards Agency, Buckinghamshire County Council’s Trading Standards team is warning the public to be on the alert for bottles of illicit Drop Vodka that could be potentially damaging to health.

Bottles of Drop Vodka 70cl have been discovered on sale across England and Wales, including an instance at a shop in Milton Keynes.

Local authorities have found the illicit vodka on sale in small independent retailers, corner shops and petrol stations.

There is a safety concern in that products sampled by local authorities have identified the presence of substances that can be potentially damaging to health. Under food safety legislation, this makes the product unsafe for consumption.

Terry Carter, trading standards officer, says: “We take all alerts issued by the Food Standards Agency very seriously and, although no bottles have yet been discovered on sale in our area, officers will ensure that any illicit bottles found are withdrawn from sale and destroyed.”