Have your say on plan for phone mast at recreation ground

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A public consultation has opened on a proposal for a telecommunications structure at Southern Road Recreation Ground, Thame.

Thame Town Council has been in discussion with Shared Access about the plan and Pegasus Group launched a 4-week public consultation on Tuesday, May 9.

The council is keen to see a wide response to the consultation, so that the final decision on the plan is based on community consensus and as much evidence as possible.

A council spokeswoman said: “The council is pursuing the option because of the numerous benefits, while also being aware that such initiatives can give rise to concern, from a visual and health and safety point of view.”

Benefits to Thame include improved mobile phone coverage, a long term lighting solution for the much used car park at the Southern Road Recreation Ground at no cost to Thame; an additional financial contribution of around £70,000 which would be used by the town council for the benefit of Thame residents.

There is more detail on the proposals in the consultation letter and site location plan, which is available at the Town Hall or the council’s website at https://www.thametowncouncil.gov.uk/2017/05/09/public-consultation-proposed-telecommunications-structure-southern-road-recreation-ground-southern-road-thame/

Please send any comments to Rachel Morrison, planning assistant at Pegasus Group, at rachel.morrison@pegasuspg.co.uk or call 01454 625 945.