Have you seen missing moggy Mabel?

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A little girl is missing her beloved pet moggy and her mum is appealing for the cat’s safe return.

Eight-year-old Lily Wakling was given long haired black and white Mabel when she was just a kitten, and the pair have been inseparable ever since.

But on February 1 the cat went missing from the family’s home in Wellington Street, and Lily’s mum Alice has launched a search operation.

Alice said: “She’s not microchipped but she has a collar with her name on.

“She’s really pretty and really friendly and my daughter has had her since she was a kitten.”

She added: “We’ve contacted all the rescue centres in the area, but we are worried that she might be trapped in somebody’s garage because it was raining on the day she went missing.”

The family hopes that anyone in their neighbourhood will check garages and outhouses in case Mabel, aged one, is sheltering inside.

If you have found Mabel please contact Alice on 07800502149.