Have thieves stolen champion jockey Pat Eddery’s beloved dog?

Pat Eddery with missing dog Henry
Pat Eddery with missing dog Henry

Champion racing jockey Pat Eddery fears his beautiful Siberian Husky has been stolen from near his farm in Nether Winchendon.

Mr Eddery’s much loved one-year-old dog, Henry, disappeared in March.

Pat Eddery with missing dog Henry

Pat Eddery with missing dog Henry

His pet ran off in the early evening, believed to be chasing a small animal in the dark, and hasn’t been seen since.

Mr Eddery was planning to get Henry chipped after that week and is hoping that his own experience will help highlight the importance of microchipping.

He has now enlisted Battersea Dogs & Cats Home to help him find Henry.

He said: “We’re appealing to anyone who may have seen Henry, or might know anything about his whereabouts and I am so thankful for the kind support we’ve had from Battersea in Henry’s search. I hope that one day we will be reunited again.

“I’m keen to raise awareness on the importance of microchipping your pet.

“Sadly Henry was due to get microchipped the following day, and had we done it earlier we may never have lost him.

“Dogs can so easily run off for miles then get lost, so I urge all owners to get their dogs chipped as soon as you can.”

Mr Eddery, who rode three winners of the Epsom Derby, and was Champion Jockey on eleven occasions, a record he shares with Lester Piggott, is offering a cash reward to get him back home.

Henry has two distinguishing features, one blue eye with brown flecks and one brown eye, and a scar on his left foreleg.

Dee McIntosh, director of communications at Battersea said: “We were so sorry to hear that Pat Eddery’s lovely Husky Henry had gone missing.

“Battersea is doing everything it can to help Pat in his quest to find him.

“This painful experience highlights just how important a microchip can be.

“By chipping your dog you’ve a much better chance of being reunited quickly with them with your up to date contact details accessible through the tiny chip.”