Hardly historic, so let Sainsbury’s bring us bargains

Letters to the editor
Letters to the editor

A READER has come forward in support of Sainsbury’s in this week’s letters to the editor.

He believes the development will be a boost for the town and will allow people to have a cheaper weekly shop.

from Bill Messenger, address supplied

What is all this about Thame’s historic market? When I walked to the John Hampden School in 1928 this ‘historic’ site was part of Walker’s Nursery, full of plants, trees and shrubs – the market was in the High Street where cattle, sheep and pigs were sold each week.

Thame hasn’t been the same since it moved.

All of these suggestions that have been put forward are wonderful but they all have to be paid for, so it would be best to let Sainsbury’s develop the site and try to extract as much as is possible to help the town.

No matter what happens, the Chelsea tractor set will still roll into Waitrose where everything costs the earth.

Those in Fords and Nissans can go to Sainsbury’s where the pound in their pocket will go a little farther!

Worried by car park order implications

from Julia West, address supplied

I wonder if your readers are aware that South Oxfordshire District Council is hoping to make a new car parks order – SODC (Off Street Parking Places) Order 2011.

I am dismayed that the council has not thought to bring this order to the attention of those whose homes overlook or are close to any of the car parks noted in the order. It is posted in car parks which most residents don’t need to use.

Item F allows applications for the use of parking spaces for business and commercial purposes. There is no explanation in the order as to how businesses might interpret that, but I assume it includes trading and selling from vehicles.

To those of us living next to a car park, this order could cause a nuisance.

It is likely to lead to increased vehicular and pedestrian traffic in the car park, which will then become a thoroughfare.

This extra through-traffic will prevent others from using the car park as a car park. They are likely to use surrounding on-street parking.

It could also be dangerous for pedestrians in the car park. For residents it will increase noise and traffic.

I wonder also whether trading from the car park will affect the trade of town businesses struggling with high rents and business rates.

The presence of commercial outlets will cause a nuisance and will encourage a far greater number of people and their vehicles into this quiet neighbourhood and the surrounding streets, possibly well into the evening.

The order was brought to my attention the day before final objections could be made. Perhaps the council should extend the time for objections, since the information was not widely publicised.

Prices keep rising

Name and address supplied

When I started driving 25 years ago, it cost £14 to fill my fuel tank to the brim. Yesterday my car swallowed £82 worth, and it will want the same again before too long. Has anyone with a normal car yet hit the £100 fill-up mark?