Happy travellers on Chiltern Rail

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Chiltern Railways has once again been voted one of the best regional train operator in the UK for customer service.

The operator got a score of 63% in the Which? poll, which saw it pushed into second place and close runner up to Merseyrail with 67% passenger satisfaction.

The survey asked people to rate the service across a number of categories, including punctuality, cleanliness and room for passengers.

Jennifer Payne, Chiltern Railways’ customer service director, said: “We’re delighted to be recognised as one of the best performing train operators when it comes to delivering an excellent service to our passengers.

“Providing a high quality service is incredibly important and we’re constantly looking for ways to make further improvements so that we continue to give passengers what they want: a fast, comfortable and reliable travel experience.”

Chiltern received four stars out of five for punctuality, reliability and cleanliness. For value for money, room for passengers and frequency it scored three out of five.

Which? said of the operator: “Chiltern’s self-contained, but growing, network of stations does well for comfort, reliability and speed.”

The survey asked 7,519 people about their train journeys in the last year, with scores based on overall satisfaction and likelihood to recommend the company.