Halton man is named Britain’s most romantic by TV show Daybreak

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BRITAIN’S ‘most romantic man’ is based at RAF Halton, according to TV show Daybreak.

Former single mum Ann Lamacraft knew Craig Parry was the one during their first date at the cinema – when he sent her a text message saying how gorgeous she looked while they watched the film.

To thank him for his love letters and making her feel ‘safe, loved and special’ she contacted the ITV show offering to make a romantic gesture on live TV. Producers decided the 27-year-old should surprise her man, aged 24, by turning-up at the airbase whilst he was on duty.

Parry, who has three weeks left of training at RAF Halton, was taking part in drills just after 7.30am on Tuesday – believing they were all being filmed for a news feature.

But then he was singled out, played a video showing a heartfelt thank you from his besotted partner Ann – and then blown away as she walked into the hall accompanied by the Top Gun soundtrack.

As the shocked aircraftsman turned increasingly red, he mumbled (live on air) that he had seen an email from Daybreak’s producers and ‘had a hunch’.

A beaming Miss Lamacraft laughed it off and was all smiles knowing that he truly appreciated her romantic gesture.

Afterwards the couple were allowed to sit in a specially hired Aston Martin, because Parry is a big classic car fan. They were then whisked off to a five-star hotel, after RAF bosses agreed to let him have a night off.

When asked what his fellow recruits would make of his TV debut, a modest Craig joked ‘I think they will rinse me’. But love-struck Ann replied: “I think they will be jealous as he will get to spend the night in a five star hotel.” Ann believes that they should make more men like hers as ‘women would be happier’.

Craig’s most romantic gesture was to write a letter which gave 25 reasons saying why he loves her. Ann says he is also always leaving notes round their house saying how much she means to him and how much he misses her when he is away.

Last year Ann was in hospital on Valentine’s Day, having her appendix out, so the couple didn’t spend it together.

She said: “I was in hospital last year so it is nice to spend the night with him this year.”

Ann says her fiance has been the best things that has ‘happened to her ever’ and is very excited about spending the rest of her life as Mrs Parry.

Craig proposed in London on a day-trip. Ann said yes straightaway and the couple have been busy planning their wedding for this August.

After the show, the aircraftman described being thrust onto live TV as ‘a bit of a shock’.

“I had seen that she has an email from Daybreak, when I saw a film crew this morning I had my suspicion that something was up,” he said.

The modest recruit, who is about to embark on a RAF career in supply, was quite surprised to be named Britain’s most romantic man.

“I am just a normal fella. I treat Ann well. She treats me well. I don’t deserve all this,” he mused. Although happy to have his picture taken whilst kissing his fiance, Craig did request that all his fellow airmen were made to stop staring at him whilst he did it.

The couple met in a nightclub three years ago. “At the time I was a single mum and had, in my head, given up on meeting anyone,” she said.

Soon after they met, Ann says she quickly realised that ‘this man was worth hanging onto’.