Haddenham’s Paul is picture perfect

Paul Wilkinson Photography
Paul Wilkinson Photography
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A PHOTOGRAPHER from Haddenham has been lauded for his work after turning portraiture on its head with many of his pictures now focusing on his subject’s backs, not their faces.

After seeing his pioneering style a panel of the UK’s top photo-judges have awarded Paul Wilkinson an elite fellowship and the chance to win a prestigious national Master Photographer of the Year title.

Paul Wilkinson

Paul Wilkinson

The 43 year old said: “Since I won a national UK Parent and Child Photographer of the Year title a couple of years ago, with a back to front pose of a young family sitting on a bench by the River Thames, more and more of my clients have asked for similar portraits.”

And when he recently entered a panel of images including a number of photos shot from behind the subject to the Master Photographers’ Association, he was told that an eminent jury of photo-experts had decided to award him revered fellowship status.

“I was absolutely thrilled A fellowship is the highest qualification available.

“I am told there are fewer than eighty currently in the association that was founded almost sixty years ago.

“My passion is to consistently create interesting and evocative images and that doesn’t always mean you have to show a full face.

“The bench shot seems to have pioneered a trend and I am often asked to recreate that shot with children and couples, even at weddings.

“So who knows, perhaps I am creating a bench mark in more ways than one.”

For more details on Paul and to see more of his work visit his website www.paulwilkinsonphotography.co.uk or call 01844 290 054.