Haddenham ‘know it all’ set for another TV show

John Wheeler
John Wheeler

A brain box parish councillor is set for another appearance on quiz show Mastermind this evening (Friday).

John Wheeler, 59, appears in the semi-final at 8pm on BBC 2 while trying to tackle questions on the Magna Carta under the watchful eye of host Jonathan Humphreys.

Mr Wheeler said: “I enjoy the experience, it’s quite a challenge. Some of my friends do call me a know it all.

“I have got a memory which retains useless information. But it is useful for quizzes.

“I think it’s just the way my brain is wired up. Some people it goes in and stays there. My wife has to put up with it.”

The Haddenham parish councillor was filmed for the show in October and while he was unable to give too much away about how he fared he said it was a ‘tale of two halves’.

It is not his first time on the show either. Mr Wheeler first appeared in September and has also popped up on Alexander Armstrong’s Pointless.

Such appearances have led to him becoming a well known face around the Vale and he added that people at pub quizzes dread seeing him arrive.

He added: “After I recorded the first one I was walking down the road and someone stopped their car, wound down their window and said ‘We saw you last night’.”

But despite the minor fame he said he still hates seeing himself on television.

“I don’t like to see myself on TV,” he said.

“You get this perception of what you are and then TV shows it differently.”

Mastermind is on BBC 2 at 8pm tonight (Friday).