Haddenham couple appear on TV quiz show

Sally and Robert on Pointless
Sally and Robert on Pointless
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A couple from Haddenham tested their brain power on national TV this week when they appeared on BBC quiz show Pointless – twice.

Robert Ellisdon, 71, and his wife Sally, 57, took part in the BBC1 programme on Wednesday and Monday night, but unfortunately came away with nothing due to a lack of knowledge of Richard Gere films.

Former life insurance finance official, Mr Ellisdon, of The Gables, said: “It was a great experience either way, we had a lovely time.”

Pointless is a quiz show with similarities to Family Fortunes in that contestants must give answers to a question which had previously been asked to 100 members of the public.

However, contestants are looking for the correct answer said by the least number of people.

“My wife’s quite keen on going on these shows, after we went on The Weakest Link a couple of years ago,” added Mr Ellisdon.

“We went down to the BBC studios in London back in February to film Pointless, but when we didn’t make it through the first round, they invited us to stay overnight to film the second round the next day.

“It was great – Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman came round to speak to everyone first and they were very friendly. And it turned out that Richard is a humongous fellow – he must be around 6ft 5ins, so even when he stands on a lower platform than the contestants, you still can’t look him in the eye!

“The trouble with Pointless is that you can’t prepare, because they come up with the most weird and wonderful topics, which you either know or you don’t.

“When they asked us to name a Richard Gere film, we couldn’t think of one between us that hadn’t been said.”