Grot spot action group takes shape

Rubbish dumped in California Brook near Penn Road
Rubbish dumped in California Brook near Penn Road

A new grot spot action group inspired by The Bucks Herald’s campaign to clean up Aylesbury has been set up.

Four councillors will make up the committee and ensure reports of untidy areas get to the right people so they can be sorted.

The group also wants to inspire people to do more to take care of their own areas.

Councillors Mark Winn, Chris Adams, Steve Lambert, Barbara Russel and Jenny Puddefoot will be in the group.

Mr Winn said: “There are some parts of the town that are looking run down.

“They quickly develop into grot spots.

“It was felt we should have a committee to look at the grot spots and see what we can do about them.”

The group will deal with five main issues:

> Grass cutting

> Reporting problems

> Prevention of fly tipping

> Private grot spots

> Public participation

Councillor Brian Roberts, chairman of the Greater Aylesbury Local Area Forum, said: “The Bucks Herald started this and we have got to keep it going.

“We are going to be reporting these jobs and we want to bring our community on board.”