Greggs plan a welcome addition to Aylesbury High Street

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A TOWN centre bakery has been given the green light for outdoor seating.

The plans at Greggs in Aylesbury town centre were given the go-ahead by Aylesbury Vale District Council’s planning committee, although the arrangement will leave just 1.7 metres worth of space for shoppers before they would be forced to walk into the semi-pedestrianised High Street carriageway.

UKIP Aylesbury Vale District councillor Chris Adams said he was worried that too many cars wrongly pass through the road – which could pose a threat to those on foot, should the space be further limited.

“Some vehicles come through the barriers when they shouldn’t, and I’ve even seen some lorries,” he said.

“I just think that it may be an accident waiting to happen.”

Members voted in favour of the plans however, stating the proposals could be of benefit to the town, bringing with it ‘vibrancy’ and a type of ‘cafe culture’.

Councillor Raj Khan said at the meeting he felt the application could help attract people into the town.

“I welcome this application for the town,” said the Liberal Democrat member.

“Something like this will encourage people to use the town more, and to feel like they’re a part of the town too.”

Concerns were however voiced by Conservative councillor Michael Rand, who said he was worried giving the go-ahead to such an application could set a precedent along the High Street.

“We do we go to all the trouble of pedestrianising these areas, if they’re only going to be taken up with chairs?” he said.

“And if we give Greggs permission to do this, will it then carry on all along?”

In answer to this however, Lib Dem councillor Corry Cashman simply replied: “If we give this the go-ahead, we have more of the same.

“I hope we do.”

There is however a disabled parking zone near to the bakery, which Lib Dem councillor Freda Roberts pointed out could prove problematic, were it too close to the seating.

However no objections were put forward by highways officers.

The plans were passed by a majority vote, and will now form part of a national roll out for Greggs bakeries.