Great Zimmer Amnesty is a big success for Lions Club

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Medical equipment from zimmer frames to wheelchairs were anonymously handed in at an amnesty event run by Thame Lions Club.

And the event was such a big success, that the club estimates hundreds of pounds has been raised for charity too.

The amnesty, held outside Thame Town Hall on Saturday, drew record numbers of donations from across the community..

Eight Zimmer frames, three wheelchairs, two 
commodes, 13 walking sticks and 14 pairs of crutches were collected from people who simply hung on to the 
equipment after they or a loved one no longer needed them.

Jackie Willoughby, fundraising coordinator for the Thame Lions Club, said: “We would like to thank everyone for all their support.

“It was such an enormous success and we collected a huge amount of equipment.

“Some of it we will return to the hospitals and some will be recycled.

“The best part is that most of the equipment was new and will be very useful to the hospitals who can reuse it.”

As well as medical 
equipment the club also collected dozens of other items including glasses, hearing aids, mobile phones and 

The used items will be recycled to raise money for the club’s chosen charities.

Jackie added: “It is quite amazing that so many people had these things in their garages. We are hoping to repeat this event soon both in Thame and in other local market towns.”