GP goes stateside to give talk to leading health experts

Dr Tom Davis in action during a speech to health experts at a conference in Washington
Dr Tom Davis in action during a speech to health experts at a conference in Washington

An Aylesbury GP has given a talk to an audience of health experts in the United States about how Bucks patients are reaping the benefits of the innovative use of technology.

Dr Tom Davis, 35, from Buckingham Park told delegates at the conference in Washington DC about the scheme which enables people to take their own health readings at home and then send them in to their doctors or health professionals via text messages.

He joined an elite group of clinicians and healthcare 
leaders on the NHS England-funded trip to share knowledge about ‘assistive technology’.

Dr Davis said: “They saw us as the experts which was funny because America is actually further advanced than us.

“I have never spoken overseas before so it was a challenge.”

Dr Davis, who works as a freelance GP, is the GP clinical advisor for both Bucks County Council and the Aylesbury Vale and Chiltern Clinical Commissioning Groups.

He said: “The aim of the delegation to Washington was to share learning with Americans and bring back future possibilities from the USA,.

“The knowledge we gleaned from the conference will help to enhance the care we give to patients in Buckinghamshire.

“Generally they were very impressed with what NHS England was doing in terms of using this technology and trying to drive culture change.

“I hope that in time we can benefit the patients of Bucks both from what I learnt about how the various American healthcare providers have used technology but also from how my NHS England colleagues across the country have used the simple text messaging service to benefit their patients.”