Governors say no plans to expand Long Crendon Primary School

The Chair of Governors at Long Crendon Primary School has stated that the school has no intention to double the number of classes it has.

This comes after rumours were started that the cost of expanding the school would be covered by Section 106 funding that becomes available from local housing developments.

Money for the expansion was instead awarded to Brill School.

It was also suggested that Long Crendon School wanted to take on an additional reception class, which in effect, would double the number of pupils as they progressed through the year groups.

Aylesbury Vale District Council is currently proposing significant development across the area as part of their draft local housing plan.

This is projected to put increased pressure on school places.

Chair of Governors Tim Bidd said: “The fact of the matter is that there is not currently enough demand for places to fill two classes per year group and such demand will only result if 700 or more new homes are built in catchment.

“Unless a substantial number of new homes are built in catchment or the way that schools are funded changes fundamentally, our clear position and only option is to remain a single form entry school.”

The Governors are concerned that if they double the intake of pupils at the school, there is potential for financial uncertainty, as the school would effectively have to double their costs.

The school has full classes in each of its year groups and is popular in its catchment area.

There are currently 211 pupils at Long Crendon School which was awarded ‘Outstanding’ in its last Ofsted inspection in 2008.