Good moo-ve for Vale bound dairy firm as Milk Link deal is finalised by companies

ARLA Foods, which is set to move to the world’s biggest megadairy in Aston Clinton, has announced a major merger with the UK’s largest dairy farmer co-operative.

The merge between Arla and Milk Link was confirmed by bosses at both firms.

The two companies have a combined turnover of more than £2 billion, and produce three billion litres of milk each year.

Arla’s £150m plant in Aston Clinton, which was approved by Aylesbury Vale District Council in September last year, is due to be open in 2013.

The firm claims it will create nearly 700 jobs.

Peter Lauritzen, chief executive of Arla Foods UK plc said: “The enlarged business will be focused on delivering a sustainable future for our farmer owners.

“It will mean that the largest and most progressive dairy business in the UK will be owned by Milk Link and Arla Foods amba farmers, as well as by Arla Foods Milk Partnership members, through their shareholding in Arla Foods UK plc.”